Welcome to Hope City Church!!!


In the face of so much going on in our world we still believe that the best is yet to come.  We are extremally excited about the future of our church, our city and the 290, 000 people who call Chatham county home.


Over the past six months we all have experienced the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many lives have been lost, many have lost their homes, businesses and jobs.  Mental health issues have skyrocketed.  Compound that with the previous existing issues of crime, poverty and homelessness just to name a few, it has placed many within our community in a state of hopelessness. 


As I survey my city, I can’t help but be moved with compassion on those who are homeless sleeping under bridges and living in makeshift homeless camps. Hundreds of teenagers who are homeless and struggling to keep good grades as they navigate through unfavorable and in some cases unsafe living conditions.  Then there are the men and women who have become addicted to crack cocaine and opioid drugs.  And as I drive through certain areas of our city, I can’t help but see the victims of poverty, who have now put on the garments of hopelessness because they see no way out. 


But I Believe There Is Here!  I Believe Hope Is Here! 


After six months of isolation, no church gathering and no serving for many of you who call Hope City home a refresh and restart is necessary.  And that is why we are hitting the restart button on our church and starting fresh. 


We are in exciting times Hope City Family and friends.  The words uttered by Mordecai to Esther is indicative for how God is positioning us to make an impact in this season as we collectively become tools in Gods hand that brings hope to our community.  Esther 4:14 says  “ and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” 


Months before and during the pandemic God has been speaking to me about the long-term vision of our church and our role in making a difference around the community of Savannah and beyond.  For years we have been known as impact church, and making an Impact is what we have done and will continue to do.  But going forward we will do that work as Hope City Church.  Tomekia and I are excited about continuing to serve our community by bringing physical, emotional and spiritual hope. 


Being a church for the city has always been the vision and lately it has become even clearer, in the midst of a pandemic, that that means we will be one church in multiple neighborhoods. In the age of social distancing and smaller gathering being the normal, and to some degree a season in which many will prefer, we see a great opportunity in which God is going to strategically use this time to grow his kingdom assignment in the Savannah.  Small is truly the new big, at least for the near future. Imagine a group from within our congregation being planted in another area in our city to start a new work that looks and feels like our current church experience. 


Hope City will be known as a group of diverse churches that are working together to bring hope to every corner of the city of Savannah as we fulfil our vision of helping people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and make a Difference. 


As we begin to relaunch our public services in the days ahead, we do it with a clear, concise and compelling path forward.  Though we don’t have an exact day of our full reopening we will begin inviting a small group of people out to meet at Hope City Central for live services. We see the launch of a pooler community church and a Hispanic community church launching January 2021.  Over the next few years, additional congregations will be formed in other areas to include, Downtown Savannah, the Islands, Garden City and other parts of the state of Georgia.


As I hope you can tell by now this is just not a vision for our today but a vision for our tomorrow.


As we prepare for reentry and exactly what that looks like over the next few weeks we encourage you to stay engaged, pray for those who are far away from Christ in our city and pray that God will use Hope City Church to bring hope to those around us.


This fall and winter we are looking forward to continue to serve our community by feeding over 5000 families, distributing toys to kids during our 3rd Annual Giving Hope Christmas Mall, supporting our local boys and girls club and continuing to partner with other local non-profit organizations by way of  the Savannah Leadership foundation.


Let’s prepare to go home, lets enjoy the journey because we are indeed living in an exciting time as a church.


#NewSeason #NewLook #SameGod


Neighborhood churches

We believe that each city and neighborhood have their own personality, context, and culture. That’s why no two Church of the City congregations look or feel exactly the same. Each neighborhood church will have their own worship and serving teams, and will be led by a teaching pastor who lives in the Chatham county area.  We stay connected as a family by studying the same Scriptures for each sermon series and partnering together on key initiatives across the city. 


Hope City Offices

5975 Ogeechee Rd
Savannah, GA 31419