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What Is The Dream?

The Dream Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving others in them. From creating a welcoming environment on a Greeter Team, to leading the next generation on a Student Team, to creating atmospheres of worship on the Worship Team, to building community through leading a Group, our Dream Team is making a difference.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Dream Team is to build the body of Christ by each person making an eternal difference in the lives of others.

Join The Dream Team

Take a next step and join the Dream Team by attending Growth Track. This environment is designed to guide you through the essentials of our faith, discovering your gifts, and fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Areas of Service

Step 1



This team meets many of Hope Citys administrative needs through data entry and general office support. Serving opportunities on this team are available during office hours throughout the week and also on Sundays.


Events Team


This team is a part of bringing the vision of a Hope City event to life. Whether this is a themed event like Vision Day or a training event, this team will provide event planning, décor, hospitality, and organizational functionality.

First Responders


Our team of health care professionals serves by providing basic medical care in the event of an accident or emergency.

Growth Track


This team helps people Discover Purpose and determine how God designed them through a series of personality and spiritual gifts assessments. This team also helps people discover the perfect place to serve so they can Make A Difference.


Guest/ Connection/ Support Services


These teams support our Weekend Worship Experience so we can reach people far from God so they can be made fully alive in Christ.


*Hope City Kids


Whether you like being in a classroom, outside the classroom, behind the scenes administration, or meeting new families Hope Kids has something for everyone.

Step 2

Hope City Students


This team helps students in middle school and high school know god, find freedom, discover their purpose, and make a difference by becoming fully alive in Christ through monthly Student Nights and weekly student groups.


Kingdom Builders


This team gathers those with a gift of giving to support major projects and accelerates the overall vision of the church.


Hope City Worship


This team facilitates a powerful worship experience through vocals, instruments, and audio engineering.

Prayer Team


Our team provides prayer covering for services, teams and ministries at Hope City.



This team helps to create a welcoming environment through audio, visual, and lighting elements. As well as camera and photography services.


* Some teams require background checks, have age limits, or require additional training. Stop by Connection Services for details or register for Growth Track to find out how you can make a difference.


Hope City Offices

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