Pastor Corey

Prophetic Word


2021 will be a year in which we will see an intense period of turning. Like the turning and the shifting of gears. A period of great transition within the political, social, and religious institutions.

It will be a year that God turns away from some and turns toward others. The removal of his hand of favor from off of one person or thing and placing it upon another.

It will be a year that God will turn his attention from the south and turn it to the north. Each direction will represent people and places. It will represent where God will be and where he will not. It does not necessarily mean he is not with the others, but it does mean he is with some in a unique, increased, and special way. His favor and grace will be upon them. The lifting or the turning away represents correction and lack of favor.

This will be a year that God is calling his church to turn away from a lot of things. Particular Sin. Calling us to turn away from our dependence on the traditions of men, earthly wisdom that makes the word of God ineffective to bring about the transformation He desires to bring. The year of God's turning represents God lifting his mantel off of one and placing it upon another. It is a year in which what God used in one season as a tool to advance his agenda is going to be turned towards something or someone else. New methods, new paths forward, new voices. God is turning his attention on some for correction and some for blessings.


  • This year will be marked by a season of correction – (2 Kings 21:13) for the church;

  • Individuals and organizations becoming examples of God's displeasure - (2 Peter 2:6);

  • Many turning back to sound doctrine and the truth of God's word and opposing false prophesy, and the doctrine of devils spewed from the mouth of men - (Jude 1:4)

  • And there will be notable miraculous restorations of many things - (Acts 9:40).


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